Tuesday, 8 January 2013


January 1st tends to invite incredible hope...a newness.  Whatever has happened in the last year, whatever has gone wrong, January 1st conjures up a feeling of 'starting afresh' and making things right.

By now, most of you will be considering exams...either paying for them, preparing for them, or selecting the exam subjects you will be sitting.  Whatever the case, I'm sure you are feeling the 'freshness'...for all the books you didn't read, assignments you didn't do...you have now undoubtedly made resolutions to study more, read more, write more, and ensure assignments are done and handed in on time.  But what may stop you, of course, is that some of the reading may not in fact have been as clear, or been as 'clear as mud'.  Well, my new website, opened today, offers understandable lectures that will assist you.  At present, only land law, contract law, Public law and English Legal System (CLRI) are available.  Others will be added over the next 4-8 weeks.

You may purchase one lecture, a series of lectures, or 'add on' online seminars (but only if you choose the series).  I feel sure that you will feel a level of comfort and understanding with the Sessions, and certainly invite your feedback.  JH

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  1. Jennifer Housen
    I have many questions I would love to pose to you concerning corpus juris. But for now I had posted some replies to on of your lesson on youtube, "Adverse Possession Part 1 (Squatters' Rights), I have done some research for NY (I'm UP State) and am thinking about a property that is for sale, It is a school, so Ultimately the paper holder is a corporate municipality, If the property “school” is not being
    used for its purpose , yet empty, here is the $$$ question , can an adverse possession be (initiated) ?
    if it property is for sale and if property is posted “trespassing” (this I’m not sure of ) At such time of A.P. if a quiet title is made on that property done and held by a Trust what is the chances of eviction ?
    givemelibertytoday @ gmail .com